Research Process so far…..


  As of now, I am currently meeting with my mentor and briefing over his research and articles. I have a basic understanding of what the Horn Lab is all about. So far it’s the very beginning  of  this project and so far so good. I look forward to working with protein interactions in the horn lab and mutations. 🙂 Soo next post will be all about my back ground information and how I manage to learn and keep up with proteins since I know very little about them.


Research Experience #1


So far Research Rookies has been a very possitive experience. Meeting with my mentor and other proffesors was interesting and a bit nerve wrecking. I chose Dr.Horn as my mentor. He is part of the Biochemstry department and since this is my major, I am very excited to get started. My mentor is very nice and someone I look forward to working with. I am aware that there is another research Rookie working in the Horn lab and I am excited as well because it’ll be definitely more comfortable to work with or around someone I’ve met. I feel very honored and proud to have been chosen to be  Research Rookie.