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Sorry!! I have not posted in so long.

I have been busy these past weeks with adjusting my schedule and managing my time. This semester I did not realize that seventeen credit hours were so much to take. I try my best to juggle all my school work and extracurricular activities. So I am happy to be part of Engineers Without Borders and I can not wait for all the fundraising and humanitarian service activities to begin. My classes are going well. The first rounds of tests are coming up and I feel pretty confident. As you all know I switched my major last semester and am happy to say that I am extremely happy and satisfied with my choice. SO enough of the personal and school stuff… Let’s talk about my project. I have been spending most all of my Thursday’s in the lab working with Dr. Horn. This semester has a different turn to it. Since we are halfway done with the experiment at this point I am very excited to be gathering all the previous background information and contents to put on the poster. I am also working with one of the grad students who is also helping me with my project as well as another undergrad senior research student. I am very content with the techniques that I am learning. Improvements and real goals that I have set for myself these next few weeks is to spend more time in the lab and have a timely schedule of things. It is hard to do everything and also not being able to go home and see my family who is my base of support. However, I am determined to continue with good grades this semester and to have a great project. I will continue to post weekly.



Hello Gorgeous Beautiful Readers,

  Happy New Year! After all the great holidays and spending valuable time with my family it is time for me to head back to school a week early. I am very happy to share amazing news with you. Upon ending the semester I applied to the Huskie Service Scholar program. I received the pleasant news about an hour ago that I was admitted to the program. I can not say how happy I am. this program allows me to continue my dream of becoming a Biomedical Engineer. You see, coming from Chicago Public Schools and being a first generation student it is a dream come true to attend college. At this point I am not receiving any aid other than loans and the map and pell grants. It is hard on my parents but they do their best to help me. I can not thank Rachel and Julia from the office of OSEEL enough for being my helpful angels at NIU. They have given me opportunities that have made my first semester successful. Well, with a new year I have tons of goals. This semester I plan to be as great as my first and hopefully find more ways to help lower my loans. One thing that I do refuse to do is visit our Latino Resource Center, although I have been told time and time again to find scholarships based on ethnicity I refuse. I feel that because I am an underprivileged Hispanic student shouldn’t be reason to fund me. I believe that my work and strong work ethic should be the reason why I receive my merits. Although the LRC is a great office that helps many students like myself, I rather let that help go to someone who is more deserving and that I will work twice as hard for my aid. 

As far as my research goes we are still on break but I have been reading more articles and can not wait to start working as soon as we get back into the semester. I heard from Dr. Horn that my proteins came back from sequencing and that our mutations were successful. That is all for now. Thanks for reading!!!!!! 



Well here I am blogging from home…. What have I been doing? you may be asking, well I have been sleeping and enjoying my brake. I was very happy to end my first semester with a 3.4 GPA. I am currently just waiting for this break to be over to get back on my project. We had already started mutations on the proteins but had to stop due to finals. So now I am glad to pick up on some of the things I love to do. Like for example I love reading young adult novels and I have been doing just that. I have also been watching a lot of interesting documentaries as well. It feels great to be home in my beautiful city of Chicago and spending tons of time with my family. Although, I must admit I do miss NIU, I am very thankful to enjoy these weeks stress free. So what’s a girl to do with so much spare time? Well I am currently applying for fun jobs in the city like at Sephora or Ulta cosmetics. Also finding new hobbies like watching historical movies. I will post and update as often as I can. For the mean time, it is sad to say but I miss all the protein fun.

OMG!!! I have not posted in so long!!!

I am so sorry that I have not posted in soooo long! However, a lot has happened since my last post. I have been busy working on my proposal, luckily it has already been completed! Following that we had our grand Research Rookie reception in which I was honored by being named a Simmons Scholar. I have also just found out that I was featured on the reception video. I feel really excited to continue with my project for the following semester. I also can not express how happy I am to have survived my first semester of college. So I can only smile about everything that has happened so far. 🙂

Documentary (Cambodian Genocide)

This Documentary opened my eyes and thought me something I was ignorant to. I never really knew about the Cambodian genocide and it made me feel horrible that the whole world turned its back on it. Innocent people died and the worst part was that the bodies were left on rice fields to rot. A man documents on the history he finds people that lived it and killed befriends them and then hears their stories. One man tells him on how he was a bout to spare a woman’s life but he was told to kill her and so he did. This man is old now but still remembers what he did and he shows the man documenting history how he would grab his knife and slash throats. I was shocked at how horrible this was. I am not so sure I want to join the genocide group here at NIU but it sure did open my eyes to such horrors.

Research Process so far…..


  As of now, I am currently meeting with my mentor and briefing over his research and articles. I have a basic understanding of what the Horn Lab is all about. So far it’s the very beginning  of  this project and so far so good. I look forward to working with protein interactions in the horn lab and mutations. 🙂 Soo next post will be all about my back ground information and how I manage to learn and keep up with proteins since I know very little about them.