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In the lab

I feel very special at this moment. The reason you may ask? Well as I previously posted I was helping Dr.Horn express and purify the florescent cell samples he received. So here is the reason why I feel special, because non of his grad students got to work with them but I did. I know maybe it’s not really such a big deal but learning the process was very fun. I of course didn’t do it alone his lab assistant was there to help. I learned even more about the lab equipment. Although I was in the lab for numerous hours I enjoyed it. The end result was to find the concentration of each solution. We also had a lab meeting in which one of the grad students gave a presentation on his research. I can honestly say every time I go to the lab I learn more and more, and slowly things are making more sense and falling in to place.


Lab Time!!!

I am very excited to post today about my experience in the Horn lab. This past week I had a hands on experience in the lab. I saw first hand most all of the equipment in use. Dr.horn had received very small samples of flourecent cells so he had to grow more. I saw most of the process. I was very excited to watch him work because I have never worked with live cells or anything related to it. I later learned that I will be repeating the same process with my experiment. I also got to meet all the grad students in the Horn lab, they were very nice and very helpful. Over all I feel very comfortable with working in the horn lab.

Research Experience #1


So far Research Rookies has been a very possitive experience. Meeting with my mentor and other proffesors was interesting and a bit nerve wrecking. I chose Dr.Horn as my mentor. He is part of the Biochemstry department and since this is my major, I am very excited to get started. My mentor is very nice and someone I look forward to working with. I am aware that there is another research Rookie working in the Horn lab and I am excited as well because it’ll be definitely more comfortable to work with or around someone I’ve met. I feel very honored and proud to have been chosen to beĀ  Research Rookie.