I have been busy these past weeks with adjusting my schedule and managing my time. This semester I did not realize that seventeen credit hours were so much to take. I try my best to juggle all my school work and extracurricular activities. So I am happy to be part of Engineers Without Borders and I can not wait for all the fundraising and humanitarian service activities to begin. My classes are going well. The first rounds of tests are coming up and I feel pretty confident. As you all know I switched my major last semester and am happy to say that I am extremely happy and satisfied with my choice. SO enough of the personal and school stuff… Let’s talk about my project. I have been spending most all of my Thursday’s in the lab working with Dr. Horn. This semester has a different turn to it. Since we are halfway done with the experiment at this point I am very excited to be gathering all the previous background information and contents to put on the poster. I am also working with one of the grad students who is also helping me with my project as well as another undergrad senior research student. I am very content with the techniques that I am learning. Improvements and real goals that I have set for myself these next few weeks is to spend more time in the lab and have a timely schedule of things. It is hard to do everything and also not being able to go home and see my family who is my base of support. However, I am determined to continue with good grades this semester and to have a great project. I will continue to post weekly.