Well here I am blogging from home…. What have I been doing? you may be asking, well I have been sleeping and enjoying my brake. I was very happy to end my first semester with a 3.4 GPA. I am currently just waiting for this break to be over to get back on my project. We had already started mutations on the proteins but had to stop due to finals. So now I am glad to pick up on some of the things I love to do. Like for example I love reading young adult novels and I have been doing just that. I have also been watching a lot of interesting documentaries as well. It feels great to be home in my beautiful city of Chicago and spending tons of time with my family. Although, I must admit I do miss NIU, I am very thankful to enjoy these weeks stress free. So what’s a girl to do with so much spare time? Well I am currently applying for fun jobs in the city like at Sephora or Ulta cosmetics. Also finding new hobbies like watching historical movies. I will post and update as often as I can. For the mean time, it is sad to say but I miss all the protein fun.